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11 Signs Your Business Needs DRIVE

Take this simple brand health quiz. Do any of these sound like you?


We have a good reputation but things are starting to look dated. We need a refresh to keep us relevant and competitive.


Our logo was never based on a brand strategy and it doesn’t represent our true quality, values and personality.


We know we have a better product than our competitors, but customers aren’t hearing us.


We never formally developed a brand platform and we need a clear, focused strategy to improve our position in the market


We’ve got so many people working on our marketing that we’re struggling to maintain a consistent look, feel, and tone.


We’re positioning ourselves for growth, and our leadership is ready to invest in a stronger brand.


We recently experienced a merger (or acquisition, or sale of the business) and we want to set ourselves up for success.


We’ve added a new product, service, or customer base and ditto to the above.


We’ve been meaning to reexamine our branding for years, and we finally have the time and budget to do so. 


Our competitors are simply doing their branding better.


We’re brand new and we need a strong start.

Sometimes the need to rebrand is fairly clear, while other times it might be a nagging feeling you have that something just isn’t right. If any of the above scenarios describe your situation, we can help.

Take the first step.

One of the best approaches is to start with a brand and competitor audit. Think of this as a “wellness check” for your brand.

We explore how you measure up against competitors. We evaluate the strength and consistency of your brand. And we identify how well your messaging is communicating your value to customers. This information is vital to any organization at all times, but especially before venturing into a rebrand. You must know what’s working and where there’s room for improvement. 

Let’s talk.

Contact us to schedule a free phone consultation to explore how we can help you leverage brand and drive your success.