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Cardiovascular Systems Brand Refresh

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An inspired vision propels a med device brand to new levels of prosperity

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI), a challenger medical device brand, was focused on growth. However, they faced several brand challenges…multiple product and program logos that didn’t align as a family, an inconsistent brand voice, multiple messages and taglines across the organization, dozens of unrelated graphic elements, and inconsistent product packaging.

Develop simple, clear, focused visuals and messaging that capture attention and better differentiate CSI from competitors. The research and strategy for this comprehensive brand initiative was led by Friends & Neighbors. One simple shared belief drove the entire business: CSI was on a mission to conquer calcium. That shared belief was our guiding star as we refreshed the corporate identity and developed new branding for its medical education program.


  • Reduce the number of sub-brands, and create a unified brand portfolio
  • Refresh the visual identity and develop new messaging better reflecting CSI’s inspired mission and life-changing impact on the millions suffering from Peripheral Arterial Disease.
  • Bring new corporate branding to life in all employee and customer touch points.
  • Rename and develop signature sub-brand identity for CSI’s medical education program.
  • House everything in a comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure future consistent branding on all fronts.
  • Evolve CSI logo to include full name descriptor; change signature green to more easily reproduced green for all print processes.
  • Simplify color palette and create universal graphic elements — all supporting brand strategy and vision.
  • Create cohesive logo family and structure for current and future product brands.
  • Develop a cleaner, more legible, set of official CSI fonts.
  • Bring new corporate branding to life in all employee and customer touch points—from screensavers and corporate apparel to impactful tradeshow booths and state-of-the-art sales tools.
  • Develop and distribute CSI Brand Guidelines to all marketing staff and creative partners to ensure all future corporate and sub-brand materials remain aligned and on brand.
  • The company was reenergized and ignited with its newly articulated mission. All corporate materials proudly reflected their quest of conquering calcium — from stationery and environmental branding to mousepads and screensavers.
  • A few months later, we showcased the new branding at ACC, the largest med device tradeshow in the U.S. CSI’s new booth — complete with laser sharp messaging, new product video loop, virtual product tours, guest speakers and hands-on live demos — was a huge success.
  • CSI’s annual report revealed device sales increased exponentially and following this comprehensive brand initiative (and coinciding “Hey, Calcium” campaign for their Diamondback 360® product), their stock price more than doubled.

Renaming and rebranding CSI's medical education program

Environmental Branding

Brand Guide

Old Branding

Multiple unrelated product and program logos, multiple taglines, an inconsistent brand voice, dozens of unrelated graphic elements and inconsistent product packaging had created a confusing, diluted brand.