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Diamondback 360® Product Branding + Launch Campaign

Strategy | messaging | product branding | packaging | TRADESHOW | PRODUCT LAUNCH + marketing campaign

Diamondback 360® product shot

Creating a bold product launch as breakthrough as this med device’s impact on the industry

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI) was a challenger brand with a revolutionary medical device that had a proven, patented method of removing arterial calcium safely and effectively. For the non-medical folks, arterial calcium is a common complication for millions who suffer from Peripheral Arterial Disease. Simply put, CSI had redefined peripheral atherectomy—and now they needed to tell the world about it. DRIVE collaborated with the amazing team at Friends & Neighbors on this game-changing product launch. 

The strategy for this product launch & marketing campaign was led by Friends & Neighbors. One simple shared belief drove the entire business: CSI was on a mission to conquer calcium. That inspired shared belief was our guiding star as we developed the Diamondback 360® product branding and launch campaign with a bold, attention-grabbing approach perfectly suited for this truly revolutionary device.

  • Develop strikingly bold packaging and sales collateral, and art direct new product photography.
  • Roll out a tough talking new print and digital ad campaign presenting Diamondback 360 as the formidable leader in the mission to conquer calcium.
  • Launch a microsite where visitors can take a self-guided 360 tour of the product, explore features, accessories and watch the Diamondback clear away calcium inside the vessel via a CGI product video.
  • Provide sales team with a new iPad sales app featuring a CGI video of the Diamondback in action, research data/clinical trials, a virtual “test drive” of the device, case studies and product accessory information.​​​​​​​
  • Design new tradeshow booths featuring CGI product demo stations, freestanding touchscreen tour, engaging info panels and product video looping on a large mounted duo-screen.
  • The Diamondback 360® branding and marketing campaign were revealed at CSI’s national sales meeting. Sales reps were eager to use the new digital marketing tools, including the virtual demo simulator and the iPad app.
  • CSI’s annual report revealed device sales increased exponentially, and following this comprehensive brand initiative and “Hey, Calcium” campaign, their stock price more than doubled.
Diamondback 360 Print Ad

Campaign Microsite

Visitors could take a self-guided 360 tour of the product, explore features, and watch a CGI video of the Diamondback in action.

New Mobile Sales App

Featuring CGI Diamondback video, a virtual device “test drive,” case studies and more.

Packaging design

A fully engaged tradeshow experience

New booths showcased CGI product demo stations, a freestanding touchscreen tour, engaging info panels and a looping product video.